Eagles Fan Flew Up From Tampa To Scatter His Grandfather's Ashes At The Super Bowl Parade

Just when I was beginning to lump all Eagles fans into one big category of animals who eat actual horse shit and climb hotel awnings, they go and make it all dusty up in here. This will give you a good idea of how much this Super Bowl means to the city of Philadelphia and to Eagles fans.
An Eagles fan from Tampa makes the trip up to Philly for the parade not just to celebrate with his fellow Bird Gang brethren, but also to spread his grandfather’s ashes, who obviously never got to see an Eagles Super Bowl win. If that doesn’t give you a little bit of feels, then you have a dump in your pants.

So not only do we have one side of Eagles fans who have been drinking at the art museum since 5 in the morning and later plan on climbing some shit, but we also have the other side of the spectrum. Fans with families who have gone through generations without bringing home a Lombardi trophy and now finally have that relief and joy.
Some get to celebrate with those people, some don’t. And his thing runs so deep that the people who don’t are willing to fly 1000 miles north just to spread those ashes at the parade. It’s a beautiful sight.

We had another fan bring who actually brought ashes to the game

You could write like 5 different movies just from this week.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Parade Photo Roundup
Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Parade Photo Roundup
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