Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Parade Photo Roundup

Eagles fans starting lining the streets of Philadelphia this morning as early as 4 am for the Super Bowl parade today. The parade starts at 11 am, just to give you an idea of how amped these people are today. If you’ve been following any of the Philly content really since the NFC Championship, you just know that the parade today is going to be unlike any we’ve seen in a long time. We know the players are ready.

The sign game from these fans is already on another level. They’ve been drinking for a good 5 hours now and the photos are already rolling in. They’re playing the Super Bowl on big screens outside of the art museum. 30 minutes before the parade evens begins and I’m seeing people already halfway up a light pole. Somehow this city survived Sunday night, I’m not sure they can handle another day like that. We’ll find out by this afternoon.
So what I’m here to do is round up all the best content, all the best photos from the parade this morning to put them in one place. All the debauchery, all the pole climbing, all the horse shit eating is all right here.

Jason Kelce singing with fans, dropping F-bombs on TV

Have to throw this in here…Kelce with an ALL-TIME WWE promo/parade speech

Full video:

Chris Long And Jason Kelce Broke Out Their Finest Parade Attire
Chris Long And Jason Kelce Broke Out Their Finest Parade Attire
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