Worst Weekend: Hawaii Incoming Missile Alert Employee, NFL Shop Tech Guy, Mike Mitchell Or Marcus Williams?

What a weekend it was for failures. You had the whole thing on Saturday morning where some Hawaii Emergency Management worker hit an incoming missile alert button on his/her way home from the third shift assignment. You had Marcus Williams tackling air. And you had the NFL Shop employee who sent out the email to Steelers fans telling them how the team was headed for the Conference Championship.
And don’t forget Mike Mitchell’s weekend. Talked his shitt before Sunday’s game and then got stuffed by the Jags.
There’s only one way to settle this:

Naturally, you start thinking this is a two-man race with Hawaii man/woman alert sender and Marcus Williams, but let’s face it, people will forget about the Hawaii thing by Wednesday. It’ll be such old news and it’s Hawaii. If that alert went out in NYC, you would be hearing about that for 15 years solid.
Marcus Williams will have this by his name forever. Jim Nantz won’t let him forget. Joe Buck will forever bring it up. ESPN will use the footage for years.
I mean, how are you ever going to overcome what happened last night when things like this will be posted for years?

At least the Hawaii Alert Sender can sleep at night knowing he/she didn’t swing millions of dollars. Let’s see how Vegas handled that last play:

Countless Saints bettors — including the one, or ones, who placed multiple six-figure money-line wagers on New Orleans — also hung their heads in despair and disbelief after Stefon Diggs broke loose for a 61-yard touchdown catch as time expired to give the Vikings a stunning 29-24 victory.
“It couldn’t happen in a million years, but it did,” William Hill sports book director Nick Bogdanovich said.
Multiple six-figure money-line wagers on Saints
A William Hill bettor lost $150,000 in money-line wagers on the Saints at 2-1 odds. A CG Technology sports book bettor also lost a six-figure money-line wager on New Orleans and a Caesars Palace sports book bettor lost a money-line wager of more than $50,000 on the Saints, who went ahead 24-23 on Wil Lutz’s 43-yard field goal with 25 seconds left after erasing a 17-0 halftime hole.

Folks, this is why I don’t bet on sports. It wasn’t good for my heart. Some of you guys are just made for that lifestyle. Not me. I was able to get sleep on the couch.


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