Mike Mitchell Ran His Blowhard Mouth Before Today's Game, Didn't Show Up

I tried to tell you guys that Mike Mitchell was trash. Remember that speech he gave when he said he donated more money to Cincinnati charities than players from the Bengals? Remember the speech where he said he’s being picked on and he’s just a guy who wants to go out and (in no certain terms) give guys brain injuries because that’s what they signed up for?
Yeah, that Mike Mitchell. That Mike Mitchell that the national media got on their knees and blew for a full news cycle.
He was up to his Mike Mitchell ways today and got his ass served on a platter by the Jags, who had to hear from Mike before the game. Mike being typical Mike.

And what’s even funnier is how Steelers fans are now running as far away from Mike Mitchell as they can possibly get. Did you hear Mike’s name today?

He was busy getting stood up:

Remember this?

Let’s take a look at those stats from today’s game:



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