22 NSFWBDs React To Hawaii Sending Out An Incoming Missile Text That Was An Employee Error

I was working on the man cave — actually got all the five conductor wires run for LED lights, all the holes drilled for HDMI wires, and CAT6 wires run — and missed the hysteria this morning/afternoon over someone sending out a “this is not a drill” incoming missile alert to all phones, TVs, radio, etc.

Yeah, people freaked.

Am I going to bore you with typical coverage on this story? No chance. This had NSFWBDs written all over it. Just how would the BDs react in a moment where it appears everyone is about to die? How would they spend the final 45 minutes or so? Where would they hide? What would they say to their enemies?

Of course it was all just a big mess up. Some excuse came out about it being an employee shift change and the wrong button got pushed. Uh huh.