22 NSFWBDs React To Marcus Williams Tackling Air

I was watching the Saints-Vikings game via the Fox Sports Go app because Fox is blocked on AT&T here in my neck of the woods. My dad calls with my feed showing about :20 to play. He starts yelling into the phone something about “did you see the final play, he didn’t even tackle him…I can’t believe it.”

Of course it took me about 40 seconds to see what happened on that final play because of the Internet delay. History. One they’ll be talking about for years. The one that Marcus Williams will have to live with the rest of his life unless he eventually redeems himself and wins a Super Bowl for the Saints with an INT for a touchdown to win the title or something like that.

What I wasn’t expecting out of all this is the vitriol I saw out of the NSFWBDs. Yes, it was a tragic situation where a guy makes a historic mistake tackling air. The BDs clearly dgaf about being decent about this f-up. They went straight to the throat of Williams.

Kill shots all over the place.

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