Saints Fan Tossed His 65-Inch TV Off a Balcony After Heartbreaking Loss to Vikings

A New Orleans Saints fan by the name of Kyle needs a new television after tonight’s game against the Vikings. Why? You already know the deal. Kyle lost his sh*t after Marcus Williams blew the game and took his frustrations out on his 65-inch TV.

Kyle, who’s a Raising Cane’s general manager, first punched the appliance, which wasn’t a great idea as that left him bloodied:

But he eventually righted the ship and showed that appliance who’s boss, much to the dismay of his wife. “#ShouldaThoughtThatOneThrough,” Kyle captioned.

Honestly can you really blame Kyle? The Saints were 10 seconds away from a very winnable NFC Championship game against Nick Foles. He should be upset.

Additional reaction from Who Dat Nation…

Stunned silence:

Violent screams from a mall bar:

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