It Looks Like Tennessee Finally Found A Head Football Coach


All it took was a social media protest, a viral hashtag (#FireButch) that dominated 3 months of the season, and a few paintings on a giant rock on campus, but it finally looks like Tennessee hired a head football coach. Reports dropped last night that they’ve convinced Alabama DC, Jeremy Pruitt, to come to Knoxville to try and clean up this mess.

Now it’s not officially official yet and at this point, if I was a UT fan, I wouldn’t feel safe until his nametag is on the side of an office door, but it sounds like it’s all but done.

I don’t know if I’ve seen a more wild ride for a program over the course of a season. It began with a little bit of optimism in a bad SEC East year, then turned into a total disaster quickly, and ended with the craziest 2-week coaching search you’ll ever see.

First, you had all of the Grumors, then Schiano was basically hired before Twitter single-handedly shut that down, then it was Leach for a few hours before John Currie got bounced after 8 months on the job, while Phil Fulmer puppet mastered his way into the AD job. Now they finally have a coach.

And somehow, after all of that, it’s actually a pretty decent hire. Crazy.

Tennessee coaching saga recap:


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