Knoxville BBQ Joint Apologizes For Spreading False Grumors

The Jon Gruden-Tennessee saga has gotten so wild that we’re at the point where BBQ restaurants are releasing statements on social media for accidentally spreading Grumors that turned out to be totally false.
So here’s what happened last night: rumors starting making waves on Twitter, right around the time Tennessee and LSU were kicking off, that Jon Gruden and Peyton Manning were at Calhoun’s BBQ in Knoxville, probably destroying a rack of ribs together.
The restaurant even confirmed it:

Then you have the photo of Peyton and “Gruden” at the restaurant surface and all hell breaks loose. Tennessee Twitter begins to lose their shit and the Grumors are at DEFCON 5.
But as it turned out, just like every Grumor for the past 10 years has turned out, it was all made up and we got to witness a BBQ joint issue a public apology for confirming reports that Gruden was at their restaurant.
And that my friends, is the beauty of #GRUMORS.

So where was Gruden this whole time? Just 2,500 miles away in Seattle.


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