Tennessee Fans Chant "We Want Kiffin", Start Petition To Bring Lane Back To Knoxville

Let’s take a live look at how things are currently going at Tennessee…

Annnnd it’s a total shit show. I can’t believe we’ve gotten to this point, but here we are. Tennessee fans are BEGGING the man who ditched them in the middle of the night for a better job after just one season to come back home.
Home, as in the place they said they would never welcome him back to. Not even if there was a fire.
Oh, and to just add a little more fun to all of this, we have fans who started this petition, which, as I’m writing this, is at over 8,000 signatures. At the pace it’s at, it’ll easily hit 10,000 by dinner time.

A year ago if you asked UT fans if they would take Kiffin back, they would’ve slapped you silly. Now they’re chanting his name at basketball games, writing on the giant rock, and creating petitions all so they can avoid a Dave Doeren hiring.
Somehow Kiffin always wins in the end.

Of course, he’s playing right along this morning… what a hot streak this guy has been on lately

More from the chaos at the Vols basketball game last night:”Fire Currie” chants everywhere, security ripping down signs left and right, and kids getting slammed

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