A Tennessee Food Lion Really Wants Butch Jones Fired

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Things have gotten so bad in Knoxville with this Butch Jones situation that even grocery stores are actively advocating for his firing. I’m still not sure how he hasn’t been fired yet. You’d think when a whole state gets behind a #FireButchJones hashtag and you have people showing up in all sorts of places with “Fire Butch Jones” signs that administration would get the message. But nope, they’re still sticking with their guy for now.
Maybe they just want to get through this Alabama bloodbath on Saturday before they make the change? Or avoiding having to keep an interim coach longer than necessary if he somehow pulls off a miracle upset. Those are the only explanations. You can’t have grocery establishments making these cakes and selling them right in your face like this.
We all know it’s only a matter of time before he’s canned, but how much longer can they take getting dunked on like this?

“Fire Butch Jones” is EVERYWHERE

[H/T Reddit CFB]

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