Texas A&M Fans Want To Know If Reveille (The Dog) Is Getting Along With Jimbo Fisher

It’s the most lucrative contract in college football history – 10 years and $75 million. Jimbo Fisher owes Johnny Manziel, cable subscribers, Texas A&M boosters, oil rigs, season ticket holders, ESPN/Disney, etc. a huge THANK YOU for that huge pile of guaranteed money he’s about to start accepting into his bank account.
And you know what’s on the mind of A&M fans? How’s Reveille getting along with coach. That’s right, welcome to the weird world of college football fans who know way too much about the inner workings of a business using labor provided by 18-to-22 or so year olds.
For those A&M fans who are wondering how the dog and Jimbo are getting along? Here you go.

Meanwhile, the guy who made most of this happen is quietly living his life as a random Los Angeles resident who turns 25 today.

What’s expected of Jimbo? End the droughts.

• Last time A&M won a conference title: 1998
• Last time A&M won a national title: 1939
• A&M has won more than 10 games ONCE since 1998 (Johnny Manziel’s magical season)

Good luck, sir!


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