Huge Shocker: Jay Cutler Didn't Practice For His Fox Sports Job

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What was Jay Cutler up to before Kristin Cavallari convinced him that making $10 million to start for the Miami Dolphins is a sound idea? Well, if you followed our “Retired Jay Series”, then you know he was busy poppin’ bottles and working his smoker — so yeah, it doesn’t shock us one bit he told SI’s MMQB he didn’t practice for his Fox Sports gig:

Me to Jay Cutler: “Did you practice doing TV much this offseason before coming back?”
Cutler: “I mean, I’d be lying if I said I did.”

Good to see Jay keep it real after he BS’d the Palm Beach Post about prepping for life at Fox Sports after he signed earlier this month:

“It was hard. It was definitely hard. The last four months I’ve been in a different mode, different mind-set getting ready for the FOX deal. I was really pretty good with where I was in my life. I was around the kids a lot and felt pretty content. Weighed back and forth on this. I’d probably say my wife Kristine probably talked me into it more than anybody else could.”

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