Bears WR Cameron Meredith Suffers Nasty Left Knee Injury

Memo to NFL coaches: bubblewrap your damn players already because the preseason is out here snatching up all the ACLs it can before Opening Night. We lost Julian Edelman on Friday, and the sadness rolled on this afternoon when Johnathan Cyprien blew up the left knee of Bears wide receiver Cameron Meredith:

VIDEO: Here's the play WR Cameron Meredith just went down on.#Bears #NFLPreseason

— PirateLife Football (@PirateLifeFF) August 27, 2017

Fox’s Pam Oliver was quick to break the bad news for Bears fans: it’s a torn ACL:

#Bears WR Cameron Meredith is believed to have torn his ACL, per Pam Oliver on the Fox broadcast. Likely had additional damage, too. Too bad

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) August 27, 2017

And just like that, Kevin White emerges as a new chic pick in fantasy football.

The low tackle by Cyprien again for those who aren’t bothered by body parts bending awkwardly:

Look away if your squeamish…Cameron Meredith is down with a left knee injury

— RPO Podcast (@RPOpod) August 27, 2017