Miko Grimes Is In Another Twitter War And It's With NFL.com's Gregg Rosenthal

Miko IS BACK. It’s been a while since Miko really went after somebody on Twitter. We’re good for a few of these a year and each one seems to top the last. When Miko gets going there’s no stopping her. Whether it’s Ryan Tannehill or Sage Steele, she’s going to fire off insults until her fingers fall off. Just wind her up, let her go and you’re going to get gold every time.
The latest beef is with NFL.com’s Gregg Rosenthal, who took this shot at Miko in his column about NFC team’s weaknesses: 

In the Grimes Media Power Rankings, Miko topped Brent last season for headlines despite Brent turning in one of the most randomly dominant seasons ever for an aging cornerback. Expecting Grimes to back that up at 34 years old is unfair, and the Bucs are very thin after their starters at the position. The team will be targeted in a pass-happy division.

Miko obviously caught wind of that little paragraph and decided to spend her Thursday night unloading on Mr. Rosenthal.

Per usual, she comes out of the gates HOT




My favorite from last night

I’m a fan of Rosenthal, but you can’t tell me that line isn’t hilarious. Man, it’s good to see Miko still spitting fire in June. Usually, we have to wait until the season to get her riled up.

Miko’s greatest hits


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