Miko Grimes Goes Off When Miami Herald Reports IRS Wants Almost $200k

Miami Herald writer Adam Beasley did some reporting today on Miko and Brent Grimes catching heat with the Feds to the tune of $200k in taxes that has led to a lien on their Miami House. In other words, the IRS wants its money and Beasley reported on a former Miami Dolphins player. It’s nothing different than what TMZ would do, but it’s the Herald and Miko hates the Herald so of course she went off on Adam with one of the funniest Twitter volleys you’ll see all week.
“Hey Adam, this is how im gonna fart in your mouth after u eat my ass,” is the perfect Miko tweet. By now you guys know she’s one of the best. If you’re going to swing at Miko you better be ready to get shredded. You better have thick skin because she’s unrelenting. Remember how she continuously went after Ryan Tannehill? The “drop of jizz” tweet?
Here are a few more tweets. She locked her account at some point tonight. There was no comment from Beasley on Twitter. I think he’s used to this by now.

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