Miko Grimes Wants Sage Steele in the Ring

Sage Steele hot takes are flying around the Internet today after her baffling decision to publicly whine about dragging luggage “nearly two miles” because of LAX protesters, but the BC office knows there’s only one voice that matters when it comes to anti-protester Sage — Miko Grimes!

Miko, of course, bodied Sage back in November because of her use of the military to criticize Mike Evans’ national anthem protest. (It’s safe to say she was way ahead of the curve on the Sage hate train.) And you already know Miko was back at it today in light of Sage’s latest protest bitching.
Nothing too crazy this time around from Miko, she just wants to pound Sage into the ground at the Chris Brown-Soulja Boy fight:




The Sage IG that fired up everyone:

[protected-iframe id=”0b958f9844499060755236f9367118c3-22577676-53282995″ info=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BP4TLbAFYiG/embed/captioned” width=”400″ height=”575″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

Katherine Webb Congratulates Brent Musburger on Twitter
Katherine Webb Congratulates Brent Musburger on Twitter
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