Miko Grimes Now Taking Shots At Kate Upton

I have to admit that my guilty pleasure this week has been Miko Grimes going after Sage Steele and now Kate Upton, her new target, including boob shots. By now you know that Miko will take a shot at everyone. Hell, she’ll probably Dick’s Last Resort my ass and I’ll enjoy it. I thoroughly love when Miko creates the perfect tweet where she eviscerates someone with just 140 characters. It’s erotic.
That brings us to Kate Upton. I have no idea how Miko got on the Kate Upton destruction train, but I’ll guess it had something to do with white guys going after Miko for destroying Sage Steele. Sage wrote her whole Diversity dissertation on Facebook today and Black Twitter lost its mind. Of course white guys liked it, which has now led to yet another Twitter war.
Miko, being the genius that she is, went right after Upton’s rack. She knows exactly what will piss off a white guy and hammers away.

Normally that would be enough to make a point. Not for Miko…she keeps the foot on the throat until you don’t want anymore.

And finally:


Here’s Larsa Pippen Jumping Rope
Here’s Larsa Pippen Jumping Rope
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