Miko Grimes Goes After Sage Steele & It’s Classic Miko Grimes (Updates)



Miko Grimes…is back! And this time it appears she picked a target that’s going to get some real attention. Miko is going after Sage Steele like how she used to go after Ryan Tannehill. You better buckle the fuck up because Miko’s bringing the thunder.

Here’s what I think is going down.

Miko is mad at Sage because Sage called out Mike Evans for sitting during the anthem. Sage tweeted something about dead troops, democracy and protesting. That was all before Mike said he sat during the anthem to protest Trump’s election, but he never bothered to vote in the election.

All that doesn’t matter because Miko clearly doesn’t like Sage using the military to battle the anthem sitters. I’m waiting for someone to tell Miko that Mike didn’t bother voting. I’m not saying shit because I’ve already been yelled at enough today on Twitter.



The Sage Steele tweet that caused the emotion:


Miko’s also mad about the time Sage shut down Win Butler after his celebrity game MVP speech:

Updates from Miko…she’s on a roll:

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-4-06-17-pm screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-4-07-49-pm

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