LaVar Ball Debuts Big Baller Brand Tie on ‘Undisputed’



So you’re an aspiring baller who’s already shelled out upwards of $800 on ZO2s, ZO2 slides, and BBB shirts/hoodies… what’s next on the road to becoming a big baller? Big Baller Brand genius LaVar Ball answered that question today when he took his suit game next level by accessorizing with an uber luxe BBB tie.

Fresh out of college and headed to that first real job interview? Best rock that BBB tie to show your future employer what’s up:

(Somehow these aren’t already on their website, so we’ll have to wait it out.)

This is the first time we’ve seen LaVar class it up for his Fox Sports media rounds, guess that’s what you have to do when you start charging $495-$995 for sneakers.

LaVar defends his $495 price point and takes a shot at Michael Jordan, of course:

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