26 NSFWBDs React To Lonzo Ball's $495 BBB Shoe

It’s finally here — the $495 Lonzo ball ZO2 shoe that Lavar told us was coming and he wasted no time revealing to the world. The reaction? You can see it above. The NSFWBDs aren’t on board. They’re skeptical of that price point, as they should be. They’re also skeptical that Lonzo’s going to be deserving of their $500 without seeing some production first.
The theme here is that the BDs are afraid to support a black business where the shoes seem to be a flop waiting to happen, especially at a price where you have to skip a gas bill payment for a couple months to buy them.
Will Lavar dare lower the price via some sort of ‘Big Baller Blowout Sale’? I smell it coming. He’ll get them down to $229 and the BDs will buy out of curiosity.

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