Draymond Green Says He Doesn’t Respect ‘Dirty Player’ Kelly Olynyk


Celtics big man Kelly Olynyk is making waves yet again for play that some may see as dirty — you know, like undercutting John Wall for no reason (Game 2) and setting a moving pick on Kelly Oubre (Game 3).

Of course, no one can say for certain whether Kelly is dirty or just a reckless, clumsy buffoon. Wizards (and Cavs) fans will argue the former, while the Celtics will fall back on the he “doesn’t have a mean bone in his body” defense.

Noted nut cruncher Draymond Green chimed in on the debate today, and surprisingly condemned Kelly as a dirty player he doesn’t respect:

Apparently what Draymond does on the court is totally different:

Kicks to the balls? Totally no intent to harm there.

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