Broncos Fan Tips Over Porta Potty With Pats Fan Inside

Screen shot 2016-01-26 at 9.31.27 AM

Broncos fans are probably still in disbelief that their squad, led by Pey Pey and his noodle, were table to knock off the Patriots in the AFC title game. Yes. Their defense had an absolute field day creating pressure, but still, Pey Pey outdueling Teflon Tom in 2016? According to Tom’s emails, dude was supposed to be done.

Nonetheless, Pey Pey is still alive and kicking, and Broncos fans are so jacked about it that they went full-on animal by tipping over a porta potty being used by a Patriots fan after the game:

We’re hoping the guy using the potty wasn’t one of the dudes who drove 2,000 miles from Foxborough to see the game.