Tom Brady's Emails: A Potpourri Of Tommy

Annnnddddd…I’m done looking through Tom Brady’s emails that were released Tuesday night as part of the Deflategate drama. It was exhausting, but I learned a few things about TB12 that I didn’t know before going through like 500 pages of emails that really only contained like 15 emails of value.
I’ve already gone over the email drama with the pool cover. And his emails to a lady at Tom Ford looking for clothes. And his diss of Mark Brunell. Here are the other observations:
• A priest wanted to write a book with Tom, which was declined by Brady; However, Tom was so very, very nice about it
• Tom agrees to a speaking engagement in Augusta, but asks his buddy if any hedge fund guys would spring for a plane to get him and the family to Costa Rica
• There’s a long email exchange with Francesco Aquilini, the owner of the Vancouver Canucks about doing dinner and speaking with the team in exchange for a donation to the TB12 foundation.
• Tom, as you’d expect, has some extremely wealthy email buddies
• There was one email from Tom to Bridget Moynahan, the baby mama to his first born, about their son being a good boy
• He’s pretty much just like all of us. He’ll take free flights when rich guys will spring for the flights. He’ll take free clothes. He’ll go golfing to handle business

Tom wants his new property cleaned up right now!

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Wisdom from Tom to one of his friends, Kevin Brady — no relation

Tom talking TB12 business with some fun profanity thrown in

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Tom is mortal when it comes to the Excel spreadsheet game, needs his assistant to step up

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Tom Brady's Emails: Crying Mark Brunell Is "Patriot Hater"
Tom Brady's Emails: Crying Mark Brunell Is "Patriot Hater"
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