More Of Manziel Tearing Up Dallas, Wrapping His Arms Around New Party Girl

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.33.46 AM

Texas oil and gas bros hate when I post Manziel material, or any material they deem “NOT NEWS,” so I just had to post this video featuring four clips from Johnny’s Sunday Funday at a Dallas bar called Clutch and at a private residence where Johnny has his arms wrapped around a party chick –┬ádefinitely not Colleen Crowley, who might now be an ex-girlfriend.

An unnamed source emailed these videos to us. I didn’t go breaking into phones, hack into computers, dick ride some club owner until he gave me videos. I didn’t pay for these videos. I didn’t make a deal with the emailer. He threw on the “Alan LLC” watermark and here they are.

Looks like the guy had a blast.

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