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San Francisco 49ers - page 2
Nov 16, 2011

Buy Bill Romanowski’s Tudor Home For $2.5 MM [BC Pad Purveyors]

Via BC Afternoon Editor Monty: I'll be honest, never thought much of linebacker Bill Romanowski during his playing career. Dick would be a good way to summarize our feelings for him. That doesn't mean we don't like his refurbished Tudor home built in 1921. Even though Romo didn't bother to put in air conditioning (really?) the rest of it is pretty sweet. We've got the details and the photos. It can be yours for just $2.5 million. Check it!

Jul 16, 2011

Kenny Powers Is CEO Of K-Swiss: Uncensored Version [Video]

To take a word from the Kenny Powers dictionary, the Kenny Powers K-Swiss ads give me a boner. Here's comedian Danny McBride completely uncensored taking over as K-Swiss CEO in his best ad spot yet. We saved this for the weekend so you could turn this up at home and scare the #@%^ out of your dog. Enjoy. JUMP!

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