Mark Richt

Jul 16, 2016

Mark Richt Did A Back Flip Off Of A High Dive At Miami's Pool Day

I have a special place in my heart for Mark Richt. As a UGA fan and now graduate, I’ll always love the guy. Sure, he might’ve been a little boring and might’ve wildly underachieved the last 7 years given the...

Jan 31, 2016

Buy Mark Richt's Georgia Home Just Outside of Athens — $799,900

Mark Richt is at Miami now so he’s looking to sell his house just outside of Athens. When I pictured what Coach Richt’s house would look like, I had something like this in mind. It’s pretty low key with a...

UGA Students Brawl In The Streets Of Athens Last Night After Beating Georgia Tech

It’s chaos in the streets of Athens right now. The football team isn’t very good and barely beat a 3 win Georgia Tech team yesterday, and today they fired Mark Richt. Everybody is confused and angry and looking to fight....

Nov 29, 2015