Mark Richt

Jul 16, 2016

Mark Richt Did A Back Flip Off Of A High Dive At Miami's Pool Day

I have a special place in my heart for Mark Richt. As a UGA fan and now graduate, I’ll always love the guy. Sure, he might’ve been a little boring and might’ve wildly underachieved the last 7 years given the...

Jan 31, 2016

Buy Mark Richt's Georgia Home Just Outside of Athens — $799,900

Mark Richt is at Miami now so he’s looking to sell his house just outside of Athens. When I pictured what Coach Richt’s house would look like, I had something like this in mind. It’s pretty low key with a...

UGA Students Brawl In The Streets Of Athens Last Night After Beating Georgia Tech

It’s chaos in the streets of Athens right now. The football team isn’t very good and barely beat a 3 win Georgia Tech team yesterday, and today they fired Mark Richt. Everybody is confused and angry and looking to fight....

Nov 29, 2015

Shirtless College Football Coaches: Odds He’ll Win BCS

I already addressed shirtless NFL quarterbacks and the chances that your QB will win a Super Bowl. Now it’s time to head over to the college ranks to see if there is a correlation between your coach having his shirt...

Aug 9, 2013

Mar 25, 2013

Mark Richt STILL Trying To Sell Georgia Mansion For $2 Million [36 PHOTOS]

Mark Richt has been the head coach of Georgia’s football program since 2001. With only 2 SEC titles and 3 BCS Bowl appearances during that time, perhaps Richt thinks his time in Athens might be nearing an end. He put...

Dec 1, 2012

Georgia’s Bacarri Rambo Blasts Christion Jones In The SEC Championship Game [VIDEO]

In the SEC Championship game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide, wide receiver Christion Jones had a sure handed catch from Aaron Murray. Well, Georgia safety Bacarri Rambo had other plans for Jones. He closed the gap...

Jul 14, 2012

Aaron Murray Just Got This Back Tattoo [PHOTOS]

According to, this is a photo of Aaron Murray's new back tattoo. We've already seen the amazingly awful chest tattoo of AJ McCarron of Alabama and back tattoo of Tyler Bray of Tennessee. This one is up there in horri-awesome rankings. It looks like some phoenix rising from the ashes. The Georgia Dawg quarterback has also been jumping off lake houses in Lake Burton. Mark Richt just can't control this guy. JUMP!

Jun 9, 2012

UGA Professer Dressed Up As A Lady And Was Arrested On Prostitution Charges [Cuff ‘Em]

This 65 year old University of Georgia professor dressed up as a woman and set up a meeting with an undercover officer in a hotel. The UGA professor, Max Reinhart, went under the code name 'Sasha' where he "came to an agreement" with the undercover cop. Reinhart teaches literature and German music at Georgia. I'm sure UGA Head Coach Mark Richt will appreciate the hustle. JUMP!