UGA Students Brawl In The Streets Of Athens Last Night After Beating Georgia Tech

It’s chaos in the streets of Athens right now. The football team isn’t very good and barely beat a 3 win Georgia Tech team yesterday, and today they fired Mark Richt. Everybody is confused and angry and looking to fight.
Last night, after the last game of the regular season, it’s like these students finally came to a boiling point let out all of the anger. Now obviously, Mark Richt wasn’t fired when this occurred, but it’s almost like all of the emotion of the season came out all at once and made fans of the same team start fighting each other.
Around 1:25 is when it turns into a full on brawl in the middle of the streets and starts getting in the way of taxis and cars.

I’m sure that football had nothing to do with this, but let’s pretend. Athens is a football town and when the team isn’t good people get angry and want to fight.
Also, I live in Athens and there are always a bunch of cops outside of the bars. How cops never showed up after 5 straight minutes of brawling is beyond me.

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Match With Melanie Collins Tonight On FanClash, Win Money