Kardashian’s Photoshopped Pics, Springsteen’s Hot Daughter & Eason To The U?


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Talked about it in Morning Screencaps…you get Packers-Lions tonight in the Dirty D. Nantz-Simms. National TV two weeks in a row for Staff9. Can the Lions get to 5-7 & start thinking miracle season? Can Jim Bob Cooter keep this Lions train rolling along? the Lions currently have a 6% probability of making the playoffs. They’re not out of it yet. Or you can watch Kentucky-UCLA at 9 on ESPN.

Kardashian’s new desert noodies are Photoshopped

Springsteen’s hot daughter out in Miami

Coach K got all pissed off over this last night against IU

Buy 1979 Corvette signed by Redskins, Gruden

UGA sign police confiscate students Richt protest sign

Eason to The U with Richt?

Florida: This guy was caught jerking it along the highway

Meet Brooke from Colorado State

Things That Make Browns Fans Cry Vine of the Year

Sandwich of the Day


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