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Feb 17, 2016

Buy This LSU Tailgate Party Bus — $34K

Hopefully football isn't canceled.

Feb 3, 2016

Meet Keith Hornsby’s Girlfriend — Cheerleader Heidey Hanks

It sure looks like transferring from UNC Asheville to LSU was the best decision in Keith Hornsby’s life. The guy...

Sep 27, 2015

25 NSFW Black Dudes React To The Blood Moon

Sounds like some guys will miss out because it's cloudy.

Sep 21, 2015

College Football Roundup – Week 3

Better than watching SportsCenter.

May 29, 2015

The LSU Tarp Crew Had Some Issues Today

The start of NCAA Regional play is going to have to wait for the LSU Tigers and Lehigh Mountain Hawks,...

May 7, 2015

Buy This LSU Tailgate Van — $2,000

Are you an LSU fan desperately trying to get in tailgate game for the 2015 season? Do you also want...

Apr 6, 2015

Buy This LSU Tailgate Bus (w/ Bunk Beds) — $15,599

Are you a resident of the finest state in America, Louisiana? If so, then you must be damn proud that...

Feb 4, 2015

Recruit Brandon Martin Breaks Up With Missouri on Twitter, Commits to LSU

  Some old men in Missouri are so not cool with four-star wide receiver Brandon Martin right now. After committing...

Nov 17, 2014

Crazy Old Man At LSU-Arkansas Game Loses Dentures Mid-Rant

There was an old man at the LSU-Arkansas game who wanted to remind everyone that AARP members could be involved...

Nov 11, 2014

LSU Fan Looks Like He Needed Another Drink

    First thing you should notice about this video from Saturday’s Bama-LSU tailgate is that there is daylight. It...

Jan 2, 2014

Safety Jamal Adams Commits To ‘University Of LSU’ [VIDEO]

  Did you notice how American Family Insurance sponsored the verbal commitment? Is there anything that ESPN won’t sell to...

Nov 9, 2013

ESPN College GameDay Signs: LSU at Alabama

College GameDay is in Tuscaloosa for the first time since 2011, as top-ranked Alabama faces its stiffest test in weeks...

Oct 26, 2013

LSU Fan Sent Us These Butt Photos

  We received these shots from LSU fan late last night without an email title or comment so we figure...

Sep 1, 2013

Is There Video Of The Boobs Falling Out At The TCU-LSU Game?

BC reader Chris sent an email last night to the tip hotline: At some point in the second half the...

Jun 5, 2013

LSU Fan Robs Baton Rouge Bank While Wearing ‘You Mad Bro?’ Shirt

Are you out of work, behind on your house payments, the electric is about to be shut off and you...

May 30, 2013

Les Miles Rappelling Down A Baton Rouge Building

School is out for the most part across the SEC and football is finished until teams return to campus in...

Feb 9, 2013

Johnny Manziel At Mardi Gras With SEC Rivals Denzel Nkemdiche and Jeremy Hill

It’s been a week since we’ve heard something from Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel. Wonder what Johnny Football is up...

Dec 2, 2012

Patrick Peterson’s Circus INT Helps Bury Career Of Mark Sanchez [VIDEO]

The New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals are engaging in a game to see who can score the least amount...

Dec 20, 2011

Politicians Could Gross $13,578 By Selling BCS National Championship Tickets

Want to go to the BCS National Championship game to watch LSU play Alabama? Well, you'll probably have to pay more than $1,200 per ticket to get yourself into the Superdome on game day. Too bad you're not a Louisiana lawmaker. If you were, you'd get access to six tickets for $350 each courtesy of the Sugar Bowl and LSU. How much do you want to bet a few of these end up for sale online? We've got the story right here for you. Check it!

Nov 3, 2011

LSU-Alabama Casual Encounters: Chick Needing A Mandingo

There's a lot of excitement surrounding this weekend's matchup between LSU and Alabama and it isn't all focused on the field. Some of it will be focused in the bedroom thanks to Craigslist's casual encounters. We've been trolling through the Alabama casual encounters to see what kind off-the-field action might be available and, well, we're happy to report there's some pretty nice opportunities for some very specific people. Sportin' a big black dong? You're in demand. Check it!

Oct 22, 2009

JT Bowtie Video News: Making Fun Of Gay-ish LSU Fans

Bored with some of the lesser talented SEC teams, JT Bowtie unleashes as only His Greatness can, on LSU fan....