Good vs. Evil: CFB National Championship Picks & Preview

We’re finally here. It has been an insanely long time since the CFP Semi-Finals were played on December 28th, but the National Championship Game has arrived. It features a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme, beauty and the beast. Our entire lives, everything we’ve ever been taught, from The Lion King to The Bible, has centered around the battle of good versus evil. It was drilled into our brains through every story we were ever told that there is always a good guy and a bad guy, and you have to cheer for the good guy or else you have to go see a psychologist because you have some deep-rooted issues. Well, in modern society, there has been no greater example of this storied battle of good versus evil than the upcoming matchup of Coach O’s LSU Tigers and Dabo Swinney’s Clemson Tigers.

Here is a snippet that perfectly encapsulates both coaches in case you don’t follow college football that closely:

What an incredible man. You can’t fake that emotion. And of course, he closes it out with his patent “Geaux Tigers.”

There’s a man that loves to make excuses. He loves to pretend to be the underdog so if things don’t go his way he has an easy out. That’s a man who wants to make noise in the media and not put his team first. In his mind, it’s God, Dabo, and Jesus, in that order.

Paul Finebaum, as crazy as he can be at times, summed up Dabo better than anyone:

Clemson ain’t played nobody PAWWWLLLLLL!

Now listen, I don’t want to offend anybody, and I think everyone should be able to follow any religion and any God they choose to. That being said, people that shove religion down your throat are the wooooorrrrrrrsssssstttttt. And there is no finer case of that type of person than Dabo Swinney:

I mean come on. You’re not a preacher, bro. If athletes/coaches want to give the classic “first of all, I’d like to thank God” that’s fine. I get it. But this guy is so delusional about his religion that he says shit like this:

God definitely would be an elite Head Coach. Good call Dabo.

This man legitimately believes that God is a Clemson Tigers fan. He is either the most insufferable or most irrational human being on this planet. Maybe both.

But enough on the coaches… let’s look at the quarterbacks next.

First, we have Trevor Lawrence…

Enough said.

Then, we have Joe Cool, Heisman Trophy winner (Trevor Lawrence wasn’t even a finalist) Joe Burrow:

I mean I didn’t have to search this video out. It literally is a viral clip from this past weekend. Because Joe is just always that cool. I mean that reporter is weak in the knees from Joe just being Joe (and so am I which is why I’m glad you can’t see me).

We’ve seen the coaches, we’ve seen the quarterbacks, now let’s check out the fanbases.

I could pull a million individual tweets from Clemson fans talking about how God loves them and Dabo cured cancer and yada yada yada but that would take too long. Clemson fans’ ideas can be summed up by one tweet from a Clemson radio host:

This is, of course, referring to South Carolina fans that despise their rival Clemson Tigers. Like what planet do you live on where anyone would cheer for their rivals? They are the most delusional fanbase in all of sports.

Now, let’s check out LSU’s fanbase:

This is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a long time. The fact that this magical Cinderella season for LSU has ended with a National Championship game IN NEW ORLEANS is the coolest thing ever. Tiger fans young, old, black, white, guys, girls, all singing “Suck That Tiger Dick, Bitch” down Bourbon Street. THAT is college football right there. THAT is why it is the greatest sport on the planet. Geaux Tigers.

Now that we’ve covered why this is a battle between good and evil and why, if you previously didn’t have a dog in the fight, you have to back LSU, let’s get to the game itself.

Clemson vs. LSU (-5.5) o/u 68

For those that don’t gamble regularly, this line is really interesting. The public loves LSU which is why the number is where it’s at. Going into the playoff, this game was projected to be a pick ’em or LSU as a very small favorite because of the home field. But after their respective performances in the semi-finals and the way public perception shifted, this line skyrocketed to where it is now. From a pure numbers perspective, Clemson is the play. Based on every statistic and metric they just aren’t six points worse than LSU. That being said, in any game, but particularly college sports, and even more particularly a championship game, you have to account for so much more. Clemson has a clear advantage in terms of experience in this spot. They have tons of guys, including Trevor Lawrence, that won a National Championship just last year. For LSU players, this is the biggest game of all of their lives by far. From an attitude perspective, I love LSU. I think the culture Coach O has established there is incredible and each and every player on that team believes they are special, but is not cocky in any way. They don’t make excuses or complain or worry about anything other than winning football games. They’re a true family.

All of that being said, I will be playing Clemson +5.5 (or higher if it rises on Monday which it might due to public LSU love). I know that seems counter-intuitive based on this entire blog, but that was about where your heart should be, not your wallet. Also, I will not be playing any Clemson ML, I truly believe this perfect storybook season for LSU ends with them lifting the trophy. So, if you want to throw LSU ML into a parlay I very much support that move. Just in a game like this, that backdoor could be wide open and if I lose money AND Clemson wins I could never live with myself.

So Clemson is the play ATS, but I like LSU and Coach O to lift the trophy at the end of the night.

This should be an awesome game and the perfect cap off to a fantastic college football season. So, Geaux Tigers tonight and then tomorrow we’re already betting futures for next year. I love this sport.

LSU Fan Enjoying French Quarter Before National Championship
LSU Fan Enjoying French Quarter Before National Championship