LSU Superfan Shot and Killed By Rival Neighbor

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The LSU fanbase lost a member last weekend after Lee Martin, aka “Big Lee,” was murdered outside his home in Metairie after an altercation with a 78-year-old neighbor by the name of Wayne Higgins. According to, the two hated each other and things intensified to a lethal degree after Big lee allegedly sprayed Higgins’ truck:

Lopinto said authorities have obtained video from a neighboring house that shows what occurred leading up to the shooting. In the video, which has not been released publicly, Lopinto said Martin appears to be watering palm trees in his yard as his neighbor, now identified as Higgins, pulls out of his driveway in a black truck. He said the video showed Martin turning and spraying the vehicle with water from the hose.
Lopinto said the video shows the neighbor stopping his vehicle and rolling down his window. The two men then appear to exchange words before Martin sprays the inside of the car with water, he said.
The neighbor exited the vehicle with a gun and shot Martin, Lopinto said.

The report adds Big Lee and Higgins had a decade-long feud and fought “nonstop” before reaching this unfortunate conclusion. Higgins is facing a second-degree murder charge with his bail being set at $500,000.
As you can see from the video below, Big Lee was as diehard as you can get and boasted LSU everything — cars, house, mailbox, bar — you name it, it’s Tigers themed. Oh, and he also has an LSU coffin, which will probably have some use now…
Update: So it turns out Big Lee was not the most popular guy in town. Multiple Google reviews left for his towing company labeled him a “con artist” who allegedly preyed on women. Hell, someone even set up a Go Fund Me for the guy who shot him, which was eventually taken down (h/t @Tickle_monster):
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His Facebook page has also been hit with a slew of comments from people who are glad that he’s gone:
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