Ken Griffey Jr.

Apr 3, 2020

Dan Bilzerian’s Ex-Girlfriend Checks In, Ken Griffey Jr’s Golf Swing & Florida Man Up To No Good In Hawaii

It's a Friday Dump...just getting it out so I can catch some fresh air later today.

Oct 3, 2018

Ken Griffey Jr. Narrates MLB Postseason Hype Video Encouraging More Celebrations

NEW: @MLB postseason spot voiced by Ken Griffey Jr. — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) October 2, 2018 Oh hell yeah! This is such a good look for the MLB. I’m a huge baseball fan, despite what the Mets do to...

Griffey's Backwards Hat, Halfway To Festivus Night & Scenes From Lake Tahoe

  Griffey and Piazza are going into the Hall of Fame today I have a special place in my heart for both of these guys. Starting with Piazza, in most of his prime he was a Met and as a...

Jul 24, 2016

Dec 31, 2014

Ken Griffey Jr. Brought His Big-Ass Camera to the Fiesta Bowl

In case you forgot, Ken Griffey Jr.’s son Trey Griffey is a wide receiver at the University of Arizona. You might remember him from the 2013 Whatever Bowl catching some touchdowns while his dad looked like a Getty Images employee...

Nov 7, 2013

Southwest Minnesota State Baseball Player’s Griffey Jr. Blackface Costume

  Southwest Minnesota State baseball player Tanner Neale might want this Halloween costume back. This is one of those costumes where he wasn’t thinking clearly and one of his buddies didn’t tell him it might not look good to be...

Aug 10, 2013

Ken Griffey Jr. Scouting Report From 1987 — ‘Ball Jumps Off Bat’

Ken Griffey Jr. will be inducted into the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame on Saturday night prior to the team’s game against the Brewers at Safeco Field. Griffey’s induction is a no-brainer, considering he was the best player in franchise...