Griffey's Backwards Hat, Halfway To Festivus Night & Scenes From Lake Tahoe

Griffey and Piazza are going into the Hall of Fame today
I have a special place in my heart for both of these guys. Starting with Piazza, in most of his prime he was a Met and as a Braves fan, as much as I hated him, I couldn’t deny how he could hit the shit out of a baseball. He hit the game winning home run in the first game after 9/11 against the Braves and in that moment you had to take the fandom mask off and appreciate the significance of the situation.
And then Griffey. My favorite player as a kid outside of Chipper Jones. I think every kid my age loved Junior just as much as their favorite player on whatever team they rooted for. He rocked that hat backwards, hit bombs all over the field, robbed home runs, and was just the coolest baseball player of my generation. (He also avoided the roids)
Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo

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