Ken Griffey Jr. Narrates MLB Postseason Hype Video Encouraging More Celebrations

Oh hell yeah! This is such a good look for the MLB. I’m a huge baseball fan, despite what the Mets do to me every year, and I can’t wait for this postseason. Now that hype just got pumped up times a billion. The only thing holding baseball back from being as big as it can be in 2018 is the old argument of baseball being “boring.” Which is worsened by the old, boring baseball guys that get mad when somebody flips a bat or takes their home run trot too slow.
If showmanship was more encouraged in baseball, popularity would spike immediately. Soccer is in a similar boat as far as the haters are concerned. “Not enough scoring! So boring!” Well, soccer says to that, “yeah maybe we only score three times a game, but when we do you get to see this.”

Picture this: the Astros are playing the Yankees. The final score is 2-1 Yankees. Sounds like a pretty boring game. BUT, what if that Astros run was a homer by Carlos Correa and on his way around the bases he was just doing fucking cartwheels and Fortnite dances. Then Aaron Judge hit a two-run shot to put the Yankees up and he just tossed his bat 1,000 feet in the air and trotted around the bases giving the Marshawn Lynch “hold mah dick.”

I would tune into a lot more baseball myself.
The best part is Ken Griffey Jr. is leading this charge. At least for my generation, Ken Griffey Jr. made baseball cool. When he would go out there in his backwards hat and hit balls into the stratosphere, there was nothing cooler in sports.

It is time for the “boring” stigma to be removed from baseball. I hope players see that video and decide to follow in the footsteps of the great Ken Griffey Jr. this postseason. I want to set an MLB playoff record for bat flips. This is the start of a bright, bright future for baseball. Thanks, Ken.

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