john cena

Jun 30, 2021

Man Follows Through On Drunken Dare, Legally Changes Name To John Cena

We have all done some idiotic things when we were drunk, but we’re able to sleep off the embarrassment and move on with our lives. But one man from the United Kingdom, 23-year-old Lewis Oldfield, will have to live with...

SNL Used John Cena To Take Shots At Alabama

I think we can all agree that Alabama isn’t exactly known for their academic prowess. On the football field, obviously we have a completely different story. Chances are they’re going to get themselves another ring in about a month. So,...

Dec 11, 2016

Mar 26, 2015

Cena: Rusev Can "Red, White and Blow Me"

I’m not nearly cool enough to know what’s going down this weekend at Wrestlemania or even where it’s at, so I won’t even worry about getting in over my head here. What I do know is that John Cena faces...