You Really Can’t See John Cena In One Version Of The Dr. of Thuganomics On WWE 2K23

New York, NY - December 20, 2018: Empire State Building hosts John Cena and Hailee Steinfeld in support of Make-A-Wish Foundation


WWE 2K23 was released today, and John Cena fans will be excited to know that there are three different versions of the leader of the Cenation. One that you can’t even see.

Yes, the latest version of the smash hit WWE 2K franchise will give fans the opportunity to play as Cena with a completely invisible look, except for the iconic clothing worn by the future WWE Hall-of-Famer.

Nobody wants a naked invisible Cena.

Hands down one of the greatest things the WWE 2K franchise has ever done. WWE 2K23 has four different editions you can purchase. The Icon, Deluxe, Standard, and Cross-Gen Digitial Edition. That is a LOT of editions. Of course, with each edition, special downloadable content will be available with purchase, including other variations of the cover star.

No matter which edition you choose, one thing is for certain invisible John Cena is a must for any match. Is invisible John Cena heel? How would we know he has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble? I’m booking the shows in my head, and I don’t see why invisible John Cena wouldn’t be the most dominant force ever to enter the WWE. The possibilities are endless for the one that you can’t see.

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