Jimmy Butler

Sep 20, 2018

Rumor: Jimmy Butler Was Test Driving Karl-Anthony Towns Girlfriend Kawa Andrade

I started to see a little bit of this news last night, but it was a Wednesday night and I was exhausted from parenting, painting and the rest of the stuff going on this week so I didn’t have time...

Jimmy Butler Can't Stop Singing Around Demarcus Cousins

Our United States Men’s Basketball Team is still in the middle of their undefeated exibition run that will hopefully lead into a  undefeated Olympic run over the next month. Last night, they handled Venezuela 80-45 and have one more game...

Jul 30, 2016

Check Out Jimmy Butler’s 6,000-Pound Boombox Fish Tank

"I wish I could put it on my shoulder and walk around with it."

Nov 12, 2015