Jimmy Butler Shamelessly Thirsted Over Gabrielle Union On IG

Gabrielle Union dropped a heater on Instagram Thursday that was so fire that it brought everyone out to the comment section. Halle Berre, Taraji P. Henson, Eiza Gonzalez, and Jemele Hill are just a few of the notable names who couldn’t help but be impressed by this photo of Gabrielle letting everyone know what’s up from Italy:

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As stated in the intro, just a crazy hot picture. But there was one appearance in the comments that raised some eyebrows… Jimmy Butler with the all caps “WELL DAMN!!”:

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Fair or foul? Wade and Butler, of course, were teammates for one season with the Chicago Bulls so some might consider this bad form. For what it’s worth, Wade didn’t call him out or anything and simply started thirsting himself:

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