Rumor: Jimmy Butler Was Test Driving Karl-Anthony Towns Girlfriend Kawa Andrade

I started to see a little bit of this news last night, but it was a Wednesday night and I was exhausted from parenting, painting and the rest of the stuff going on this week so I didn’t have time to blog about the rumor that Jimmy Butler was test driving Karl-Anthony Towns girlfriend Kawa Andrade and that’s why he wants a trade out of Minnesota.
Look folks, where there’s smoke there’s usually a fire with the NBA and off the court antics. Would it be out of Jimmy Butler’s character to dunk another guy’s girlfriend? Remember the D Wade-Gabrielle Union-Jimmy Butler situation? This is the NBA. If a guy wants to test drive, he’s going to test drive. Name a sport, there’s test driving going on. Plus, if it in fact 100% happened, KAT is lucky he can get away from her before locking her down with a wedding ring. He should be happy Jimmy was test driving because it saved him a ton of money.

We blogged about KAT and Kawa going on a Hawaii vacation in May. That happened right after the T-Wolves were bounced from the playoffs. At some point she deleted the latest KAT pics. There’s definitely a beef going on here and I’m sure KAT will eventually send out some cryptic IG to address the situation.

Something tells me Jimmy Butler will get his wish to be shipped out of Minnesota before the season starts. Looks like the Butler era is finished.


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