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Oct 12, 2013

College Football Roundup — LSU Gator Girl, Roll Terrier & Mizzou Bird

There were several upsets in the early going of this college football Saturday. • In Dallas, Texas knocked off No....

Oct 10, 2013

Ladies Of College Football – Week Seven

  Keep your eyes on Alabama at Kentucky on Saturday night. No, there won’t be an upset or even a...

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Oct 3, 2013

Ladies Of College Football: Week Six

  Last week, we told you there was no way Ole Miss was going into Alabama and upsetting the Crimson...

Sep 29, 2013

Lane Kiffin Fired, LSU Dog & McCarron-Webb Kiss — College Football Twitpics

Lane Kiffin got canned after USC’s monumental 62-41 bed-shitting against Arizona State in Tempe on Saturday night. The game also...

Sep 27, 2013

Ladies of College Football: Week Five

Blake Bortles, the Central Florida quarterback, could become a household name this weekend if he’s able to put up huge...

Sep 14, 2013

College Football Pregame Wrap-Up: Baby Manziel & Samantha Ponder Selfie [PHOTOS]

Obviously ESPN’s College Gameday isn’t the only place where college football fans go ape-shit crazy before their school’s game on...

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Sep 12, 2013

Ladies Of College Football: Week 3

Games to watch: Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M…Bama-A&M… Today TCU at Texas Tech, ESPN, 7:30 Troy at Arkansas State, ESPNU, 7:30 Tulane at Louisiana...

GameDay Signs Notre Dame Vs. Michigan

The last time GameDay was in Ann Arbor was 2011 when Michigan scored 28 4th quarter points, including a Denard...

Sep 7, 2013

Ladies Of College Football: Week Two

Take note below that we’ve added IU and Arizona State girls to this week’s gallery. As expected, those two schools...

Sep 6, 2013

Ron Zook Works At A Bank [PHOTO]

This isn’t a joke compared to Ron Zook’s tenure as coach of the Illinois football team (34-51). Zooker is now...

Jul 16, 2013

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Jun 28, 2013

The Oregon Ducks Football Facility Has A Waterfall [PHOTOS]

CBS sports reporter Bruce Feldman is in the Oregon Ducks practice facility today and ran across the team’s new water...

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Jun 18, 2013

100 Hottest College Football Ladies For Summer

The 2013 college football season is still more than two months away. More than two dozen schools will finally kick-off...

May 9, 2013

Dan Mullen Sent Mother’s Day Card To Recruit’s Mom

How far will SEC coaches go to land a recruit? Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen will send a Happy Mother’s Day...

Apr 26, 2013

Johnny Football Swagged Out On Fishing Trip – Johnny Lunker! [PHOTO]

Johnny Manziel took some time to relax this week and appears to have headed to the local fishing hole for...

Apr 25, 2013

Matt Barkley Fiancée Brittany Langdon: Know Your NFL Draft WAGs

The 2013 NFL draft kicks off tonight with it’s first round being broadcast in prime-time live from Radio City Music...

Apr 18, 2013

Vince Young FINALLY Received His U. Of Texas Class Ring [PHOTOS]

A little over a month ago we spotted some photos of Vince Young himself getting fitted for a University of...

Apr 15, 2013

Waka Flocka Flame Flips The Bird With A.J. McCarron’s National Championship Ring? [PHOTOS]

In an effort to keep pace with Johnny Manziel, A.J. McCarron also befriended a below average rapper over the weekend....

Apr 15, 2013

Katherine Webb Shows Off Bikini At Las Vegas Pool Party [PHOTOS]

Katherine Webb was in Las Vegas this weekend and naturally she spent a good portion of her time poolside. Hanging...

Apr 10, 2013

Johnny Manziel Breaks Twitter Silence After Night At Bar [PHOTOS, TWEETS]

Leave it to Johnny Manziel to make waves on a random Tuesday night. Manziel went out for a night on...

Mar 20, 2013

Guess What’s In Johnny Manziel’s Box

Welcome to a new game here at Busted Coverage that we hope will catch on because it’s so witty and...

Mar 18, 2013

Johnny Cabo Gets One Final Kiss As Spring Break Ends [PHOTOS]

And it’s all over. Johnny Cabo has officially ended Spring Break 2013 in Mexico and it’s now back to online...

Mar 5, 2013

Ohio State Football Players Can’t Stop Getting Shirtless [PHOTOS]

Ohio State’s spring football camp officially starts this afternoon, but players have been busy pumping iron, getting shirtless and posing...

Feb 26, 2013

Emailer Claims Johnny Manziel Has Secret Road Beef

You see that small box in the upper left corner that says “Got a Tip” and lets you enter a...

Feb 22, 2013

RIP: Famous Drunk Bama Nick Saban Kissing Bandit Died Last Week

Alana Colette Collins really loved her Alabama Crimson Tide. You might remember Ms. Collins as the woman back in 2007...

Mar 7, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The SEC: South Carolina Firecracker Taryn, Part Two! [PHOTOS]

Yesterday we met the mini cheerleading dynamo that is South Carolina's Taryn. After a little more digging, BC Spirit Editor Asher is back with another round of this 5-footer with insane abs and even more bikini photos. Yes, we're trying to keep you SEC guys entertained. We know that boring SEC basketball tournament is of little interest. That said, here's one more shot of Taryn to enjoy this afternoon while listening to Finebaum. JUMP!

Mar 6, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The SEC: South Carolina’s Firecracker Taryn [PHOTOS]

Of course BC knows you SEC freaks - besides Kentucky fan - is at home twiddling your thumbs not sure what to do in March before the big spring game. That means we need to entertain the rest of you until football returns in April. So we've told BC Spirit Editor Asher to get his ass in gear and find us the hottest of the hottest SEC cheerleaders. He visited Columbia, South Carolina and discovered Taryn, a tiny 5-foot firecracker. JUMP!

Mar 5, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Sun Belt Conference: Louisiana-Lafayette’s Parris [PHOTOS]

We hired new BC Spirit Editor Asher away from his old gig at College Cheer Heaven because the guy is a genius when it comes to discovering untapped cheerleading talent at non-BCS schools. Take today, for example. The guy noses around the University of Louisiana-Lafayette until he finds this Parris chick. She's just cheering in obscurity and - BOOM - all of a sudden she's a star. Wait until you see her in a bikini - JUMP!

Feb 29, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Sun Belt Conference: Arkansas State’s Mallorye [PHOTOS]

BC Spirit Editor Asher sent word today that he was investigating a cheerleader he'd been hearing about at Arkansas State. Not that she'd done anything wrong. It was just that his sources were telling him that there were come wild chicks in the Sun Belt Conference. This is exactly why we hired Asher. He's not just reposting USC Song Girls pics. He's giving the mid-major cheerleaders a chance to shine on the Internet. JUMP!

Dec 20, 2011

Hottest Girls Of Bowl Week: Florida’s Tarin Gets Urban In Gator Bowl [PHOTOS]

You pumped up for two struggling college football superpowers playing in the Gator Bowl on January 2? Yeah, same here. But imagine for a second that you are a member of the Florida Gators football program and were dumped by Urban Meyer because of his poor heart ailment. Imagine you're UF cheerleader Tarin and you commit to the Gators because Urban gets the team to BCS games in exotic locales like Glendale or New Orleans. This bowl game is personal. JUMP!

Sep 1, 2011

Meet The Hottest Gun-Toting Wisconsin Badgers Fan [Photos]

In honor of the Wisconsin Badgers and the beginning of the college football season (about damn time!) we give you Holli, the hottest Bucky backer we could find. She's not only gorgeous, but she's ripped and she likes to fire off a few rounds every now and then. So, if you have a fetish for Wisconsin Badgers fans or hot chicks with guns then we've got the gallery for you! Check it!

Aug 11, 2011

Florida State Cheerleaders 2011 Scouting Report: Chelsea [12 Photos]

It's that time of year when Busted Coverage unleashes it's photo gathering & college research team on campuses from the Atlantic to the Pacific in search of college cheerleaders. Today we go straight up the USA Today Top 25 poll and peek in at Florida State where, for the first time in a long time, the ladies will be cheering for a high-profile program. Our first subject for '11 is Chelsea. Go crazy, Brent Musberger! JUMP!

Sep 2, 2009

2009 College Football Sideline Reporter Preview

Melanie Collins: hosting tailgating cooking show on Big Ten Network. We’re now only 24 hours or so away from the...

Aug 25, 2009

Erin Andrews Hysteria Countdown: 8 Days Until ‘Cocks-Wolfpack, Inside Edition Wants Credential

Maybe IE wanted to cover the Steve Spurrier handles a football player getting his ass kicked by a bar bouncer...