Charlotte McKinney Boobs

Nov 28, 2014

Charlotte McKinney Had Too Much Thanksgiving Stuffing

  Someone is looking like she had a little too much stuffing and an extra slice of pumpkin pie. According...

Oct 1, 2014

My God…Now Charlotte McKinney Is Dropping Cleav On A Dozen Donuts

  …….and the train has left the station. I’m suddenly craving a glazed. If you’re not on the Charlotte McKinney...

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Aug 1, 2014

And….Charlotte McKinney Just Made Me Go Blind

  I’ve been singing Charlotte McKinney’s┬ápraises for months and months. Now she’s about to go mainstream because alleged perv...

Jul 31, 2014

God Bless Charlotte McKinney

  I keep saying it and you guys keep telling me I’m nuts. Charlotte McKinney is coming for Kate Upton....