Charlotte McKinney Had Too Much Thanksgiving Stuffing



Someone is looking like she had a little too much stuffing and an extra slice of pumpkin pie. According to Charlotte McKinney’s IG account, she went to the Bahamas for the holiday where, as you know, people get all fucked up on the Thanksgiving side dishes. No way she likes the dark meat.

Remember what NSFW Black Dudes said about Thanksgiving — it’s all about the side dishes.

And it looks like Charlotte got the message this year. You woof down the stuffing, green bean casserole and stay away from that turkey that will cause gut bloat. The stuffing stuffing seems to go to your ass. Not sure why. You eat an entire plate of stuffing and your ass isn’t moving very fast.

Look at McKinney — she’s looking for a couch and a remote control, just like the rest of us. Something tells me she’ll snap back faster than us losers who will parlay Thanksgiving into an entire month of eating like madmen because we don’t really give a shit and don’t have bikini shoots scheduled.

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