God Bless Charlotte McKinney

I keep saying it and you guys keep telling me I’m nuts. Charlotte McKinney is coming for Kate Upton. At this point she’s not even trying to hide the fact that she wants Upton’s fame, possibly a rich athlete and the title of America’s Boobs McGee. I’ve heard it all from you guys telling me McKinney doesn’t have real boobs. It seems, from this quick Esquire interview, that the boobs are the real deal. It should be noted that she’s a Guess model and it has to be rare for Guess to deal with women featuring fake cans. Just can’t remember that ever happening.
I’m telling you guys, get on the McKinney bandwagon now because this train is leaving the station.
[via Instagram]

Skinny Paulina Gretzky Wake Surfing
Skinny Paulina Gretzky Wake Surfing
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