My God…Now Charlotte McKinney Is Dropping Cleav On A Dozen Donuts

…….and the train has left the station. I’m suddenly craving a glazed.
If you’re not on the Charlotte McKinney train, you’re missing out on shit like McKinney posing with a dozen glazed. You know why Charlotte McKinney can pose with a dozen glazed and Kate Upton can’t? Because Kate would pound at least a half-dozen. Not McKinney. She has self-restraint and knows that the figure has to be perfect when Sports Illustrated makes her the official breakout star of 2015. It’s coming. I’ve been warning you guys that McKinney will become the next Kate Upton over the next 12 months.
Remember August when McKinney was pretty quiet on Instagram? She waited 12 hours into October to drop a glazed donuts cleav shot on us. That’s a great sign for this month after posting just 10 times in September. There was also that Tosh.0 bit last week that helps give her some mainstream exposure.
Kate Upton is officially history.
[via Charlotte McKinney – IG]

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