Blair McElroy

Feb 18, 2018

Blair McElroy Is On An IG Heater This Weekend

Breakout star waiting to happen.

Jul 4, 2017

Blair McElroy…Yeah, Greg’s Sister…Loves Freedom!

Good to hear from Blair on the 4th!

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Aug 14, 2014

Is Greg McElroy’s Sister, Blair, The Next Erin Andrews?

  It has been a couple years since I checked in with Greg McElroy’s sister Blair, so I figured it...

Jan 9, 2012

Greg McElroy’s Sister, Blair, Still ‘Dating’ Alabama Kicker Jeremy Shelley [PHOTOS]

BC profiled Alabama kicker Jeremy Shelley before the first Game of the Century & the kicking game. You guys laughed at us. "Kicking game, blah, blah, blah," was all we heard. And then the kicking game became a huge story. It wasn't necessarily Shelley missing all the important kicks, but guess who's ass could be on the line tonight? Can you see a little Greg McElroy in Shelley's girlfriend, Blair? Yep, that's Greg's sister and she was a little pissed after the first game. JUMP!

Nov 3, 2011

Is Greg McElroy’s Sister, Blair, Banging Bama’s Kicker? Make The Call!

Would we even be visiting this story under normal circumstances? No f-ing chance. But this is Bama-LSU week when all hands are on deck for the Super Bowl of college football. We've combed all of our available storylines and think that Jeremy Shelley, looking like he's about to blow Adam Lambert, could be called upon for a game winner. That means that CBS needs to have cameras glued to Greg McElroy's sister. Why? JUMP!

Apr 4, 2011

Hottest Siblings Of 2011 NFL Draft Hopefuls: Blair McElroy Still In High School But Spring Breaking With Alabama Kicker Jeremy Shelley!

A couple years ago we were sent photos of LSU kicker Colt David’s sister and all hell broke loose down...

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Oct 18, 2010

Fat Kid Who Tweets Strikes Again: Greg McElroy's Sister Once Again Accosted By John Ross Johnson

Last week we introduced you to the ‘Fat Kid Who Likes To Tweet’ and Alabama QB Greg McElroy’s sister all...