Blair McElroy Is On An IG Heater This Weekend

Blair McElroy, who got her start on this site like 8 years ago when brother Greg was winning a national title as the Alabama QB, is definitely on an IG heater this weekend. I’m talking one of those defining heaters where you go from sorta obscurity with 3,800 followers and you leave the weekend with a couple of social media posts and a couple thousand new IG follows.

Let’s call it a launch pad IG weekend.

That’s what happens when you combine fire, water, a bikini, solid lighting and a social media channel. Instant attention.

And this, in my professional opinion that’s usually right, is an incredible move by McElroy. She’s sitting on a sports journalism master’s degree from Arizona State and presumably wants to gain her breakout job in the sports world. The more I think about it, the more BC should hire Blair — if there was an actual budget to hire her.

I can see an IG or Snap show for her in the near future. Throw her on for 2 minute segments so millennials can process the entire show, have her review posts that were on Busted (Cornhuskers tailgating ambulance makes sense) and send those out via the social channels. Now I just need the higher-ups to see the vision. Of course you guys are tired of watching me on Facebook Live.

Time to bring in Blair. I could fire Danny the Intern and make this happen.

Blair McElroy/Instagram