Is Greg McElroy’s Sister, Blair, The Next Erin Andrews?

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It has been a couple years since I checked in with Greg McElroy’s sister Blair, so I figured it was time to get an update on here since Greg is now the face of the SEC Network. And then I saw the news. Blair McElroy not only now wants to become a sports broadcaster, but she spent the summer interning on ESPN’s hit show that nobody admits to watching, “Numbers Never Lie.”

Well, well, well, look what we have here. Could we be looking at the first brother-sister act at ESPN? Is McElroy using her brother’s inside sources to angle for an Erin Andrews type job? Are we looking at the next great ESPN sideline reporter in the beginning stages of her career? Could she possibly be fair and balanced talking about Alabama football. Solution: Hire her straight out of college to co-host an Alabama football show on the SEC Network … with Greg.

It’s too early to tell if Blair (@BlairMcElroy) has what it takes to actually work a sideline or report from The Swamp. I can’t find tape on her besides an appearance at the end of her summer internship via Numbers Never Lie. We’re looking at a raw talent with crazy names on her reference list. Her dad recently left the Cowboys front office for Arizona State and a newly created “revenue-growth position.” The family obviously knows the sports world. Dad negotiated the naming rights for Cowboys Stadium. If Jerry Jones comes in with a hot recommendation, that should get her a job.

Here’s where things get tricky. What year would Blair be hired and working a sideline? I’ve nailed a few of these, including Britt McHenry. According to Blair’s LinkedIn account, she graduates in 2015. That gives us a starting point. You won’t see Nate Silver making these predictions, but I will. This is what pays the bills around here.

Prediction: Blair McElroy will be working a sideline for the SEC Network by the fall of 2017.

There will be a couple years of learning the ropes. This is what happened with Sam Ponder. She did the production assistant thing with ESPN before going off and getting experience. Things have changed with the SEC Network. They need talent and Blair would be a natural fit to work some throwaway game like Temple-Vanderbilt. You let her work those for a couple years and then throw her into Mississippi State-Bama at 7:30 on the SEC Network.

Save this post. I’m confident on this one.

[photos via @BlairMcElroy]