Blair McElroy…Yeah, Greg's Sister…Loves Freedom!

No joke, I was completely ripped last night down at my buddy Tim’s house like five down from BC HQ and I started checking my phone to see if I was needed by Twitter. Then I click on IG to see what’s up with the IG models and it turns out I was tagged in a Blair McElroy photo by Blair McElroy. Seriously, I hadn’t even thought about Blair in a couple years even though BC’s always been a big fan of Greg’s little sister going back to her early days at Bama when Greg was winning a natty.
Why was I tagged in Blair’s 4th of July eve pic (above)? Blair clearly knows BC loves freedom and a great flag shot.
Boom – instant IG follow. If Blair McElroy’s gonna come in hot like that, I’m going to take the full strength of BC and support her. Get ready, you’re going to be seeing a bunch of Blair around this site. She’s Team BC.
[Blair McElroy – IG]

Paulina Gretzky Loves Freedom
Paulina Gretzky Loves Freedom
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