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Apr 16, 2015

Red Sox Fan Throws Her Full Beer In Yankees Fan's Face

  Ever wanted to see a mouthy Yankees fan take a full beer to the face from a Red Sox fan? It’s your lucky day. Here is the action as it went down Saturday night in the Bronx where fans...

Apr 15, 2015

The UK-EKU Football Bar Fight Video Isn't That Great

[protected-iframe id=”489d3619b4a5d93dff9c879ab2b294c3-22577676-23105199″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]   Here I was expecting a wild brawl video from the UK-EKU football player fight that got all sorts of attention back in January. You can’t really see the curb stomping that EKU’s ...

Apr 13, 2015

Deion Sanders Jr.'s Dog Wilfred Humping A Stuffed Animal

Deion Sanders Jr. has been acting a lot more privileged since his father jumped his ass for acting ‘hood a couple weeks ago. The message must’ve been received loud and clear. Sure, there was one meal at Waffle House meal...

Rays Fan Runs On The Field, Jumps Fence, Caught By Security [Update – Mugshot]

[protected-iframe id=”14501bdd79fcfb420f8fc745cf8c7f56-22577676-23105199″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]   Damn near made it. If only the Rays stadium didn’t have security behind the outfield fence, he would’ve hit a door and been out of there without an incident. The good news...

Apr 8, 2015

And…More Fights From Detroit's Opening Day Festivities

Detroit does Opening Day better than your city.

Apr 7, 2015

Tigers Fan Hits Woman During Wild Opening Day Slugfest

[protected-iframe id=”e610f1a559d828d72bed1ecf9e5c56d7-22577676-23105199″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]   Opening Day in Detroit — it’s FANTASTIC! PLAY BALL! Fight your fellow fan. Get drunk and brawl in a parking lot. I’ll say this about our Detroit videographer Ronnie Acovski — the...

Apr 7, 2015

Mar 12, 2015

DeMarco Murray Jersey Burning

That didn’t take long. The guy decided to make some money before he takes one massive shot to the ACL and his career is over. This is the love, even though he’s going to the Eagles to get paid, that...

Mar 3, 2015

Minnesota Wild Chicks Fighting Colorado Avalanche Fans [VIDEO]

There was a crazy fan fight at Saturday’s Colorado Avalanche-Minnesota Wild game and we now have video as to how the fight started and a good look at the hot chicks in the middle of the swinging and chirping. This...

Feb 26, 2015

Bill Walton Smoked Extra Weed Before Last Night's UCLA Game

[protected-iframe id=”9a8315cc8c38047b96a395a6a83de19d-22577676-23105199″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]   “What’s that spinning wheel?” That’s just Walton being Walton, throwing lobs to Dave Pasch just to see if he’s awake during UCLA’s blowout of Washington. If you haven’t read Richard Deitsch’s interview...

Feb 20, 2015

Table Tennis Pro Uses Samsung Galaxy As A Paddle

  That’s New Zealand table tennis pro Matt Hetherington using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 paddle as a paddle. According to the YouTube video Hetherington uploaded, he took the battery out of the phone before slapping a few winners. From...

Feb 12, 2015

25 WTF White People Dancing at Sporting Events GIFs

It’s hard to blame white people for trying to dance at sporting events. They have a couple drinks, the song comes on and the blood rushes through their bodies. The hips move. The arms start flailing. Then it starts. All...

Feb 12, 2015

Troy Brouwer vs Brenden Dillon…Watch The Helmet Break

  Like I always say, I’m not just posting a hockey fight video unless there’s something good to see. I’m not here to waste your time with some pussy NHL fight. If I’m going to post a fight between Troy...